Who are we?


Once upon a time there was a glass blower in Thuringia who was so poor that he could not afford to decorate the Christmas tree for his children with real apples and nuts as was the fashion in those days. But he had an idea and decided to make imitations out of colourfully painted glass. These turned out to be so attractive that from 1847 onwards a handicraft industry developed which has influenced life and culture in and around the town of Lauscha up to this very day.

In 1880  F.W Woolworth, the famous Department Stores, were the first to sell German Christmas tree decorations on the American market and a success story began which took the products around the world.

As one of the last remaining Christmas decoration factories in Germany we still cultivate the old tradition and produce original Thuringian Christmas decorations in the beautiful settings of the mountain village Steinheid near Lauscha the “glass city”. Thüringer Glasdesign GmbH now supplies products which used to be made in almost every cottage in the area to the markets of our globalised world. Our Collection includes baubles and ornamental forms in hundreds of colours and shades creating thousands of reflections. Mouth blown and hand painted baubles, ornamental figures and tree tops each with a unique beauty, also innovative baubles clusters  with integrated electric lighting provide exquisite and tasteful  decoration for the most special time of the year. Christmas decorations of the excellence promised by the quality seal “ Made in Germany”



Frank Marchl
managing director

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Marcus Scheffler
sales manager Steinheid

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René Hähnlein
sales manager Roth

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